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Our Story | Adventures at the homestead

The Timm Homestead is nestled alongside the Sawtooth Mountain Range and as the crow flies, a few miles from Lake Superior. Dan and Megan, along with their two sons Jeffrey and Anders, three dogs Emma, Vera and Argo, periodic chicken residents and of course a couple of horses thrown in all make up for some fun adventures at the homestead. 


Megan grew up on a third generation cattle farm in northern Minnesota, the home of her dad's old barrel horse 'Tack.' It was Tack - a big, stout and gentle palomino quarter horse that started it all. Megan's great-grandmother, hailing from the motherland of Sweden, bought Tack for her dad when he was 12 years old and Tack was six. By the time Megan came around, Tack was nearly forty years old! He would humor a five-year-old Megan, standing untied by the gate on many occasions as she would climb up the wood panels and try and throw what seemed like a 100 lb saddle on to take him for a ride. Since those early days being taught by Tack on what a good horse was, Megan has raised and trained several horses and now co-owns
Silver Bay Performance Horses, LLC with her good friend, riding buddy and neighbor, Jessica Bockovich. Aside from Dan and the kids, horses will always hold a special place in her heart. 


Dan and Megan met in college. As good friends, the idea of dating each other was not on their minds until that one fateful Lake Superior fishing trip. Ask Megan and you will get one story, ask Dan and he tells a slightly different version, but in the end the Timm Homestead was established. If you're really curious, it was Dan who asked Megan to go fishing.


Dan grew up with a love of the outdoors. A true woodsman, he hunts and fishes whenever he can. Horses? Well, that was an area Dan wasn't chomping at the bit to take on as a new passion. If one asked Dan what he thinks of the horses. They would most likely get the following response, "Do you want to buy one?" Though Dan doesn't share the same equine passion as Megan, he has learned that the horses aren't going anywhere. All joking aside, Dan has been a supportive rock and helpful farmhand as Megan lives out her passion for raising performance horses.  


Dan and Megan welcomed their first son Jeffrey in December of 2013. Anders (On-ders) arrived just shy of two years later in November 2015. Outnumbered by boys, flannel, tonka trucks and mud Megan loves life at the Timm Homestead. 


Thanks for stopping by! 

Dan and Megan both work full-time while raising their family. Dan as a millwright and Megan as a marketing professional. If you are interested in learning more about Megan's contract marketing services, explore them here

The family at the Timm Homestead
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