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Cant Stop the Rain

We bought Cant Stop the Rain aka 'Raino' in 2011 as a lightly started three-year-old.  Though she stands about 14.3 hh, she is a catty, gritty mare with lots of 'go!' Megan has worked with her over the years to transform her into a competent gaming horse - keyhole is our favorite! Dan has other words for her that we won't say here, but she's Megan's go-to for games and trail riding. 


Rain is for sale. Email for more information. 

Run Witha Gun

We bought Bristol in the fall of 2016 as a long yearling. She's a gorgeous buttermilk dunskin with strong cow lines including Dun It Gotta Gun (Hollywood Dun It), Jacs Little Pine and King Jess Bars. Bristol has been a great addition to the homestead as she's a very in-your-pocket gal. We lightly started her under saddle this spring and she is proving to be a smart and level-headed steed. We're planning to start patterning her on barrels for some light showing during the 2018 season and breeding her to Im Not A Redhead for a 2019 foal. 

YGW Bed O Fire

Beddy came to us in the summer of 2017 from a ranch in South Dakota. We bought her as a broodmare with plans to break her out and pattern her for barrels. Beddy is bred Frenchman's Guy on the top and Bully Bullion/Fire Water Flit on the bottom. When Beddy arrived, she had very little handling and was quite shy. Over the course of her first summer and fall at the homestead, she warmed up to us and has been fun to work with. We started her under saddle in the fall of 2017 and plan to show her in the 2018 season. She is currently in-foal to Fast Minnie Bug (double bred Easy Jet & Bugs Alive in 75) for a spring 2018 foal.

Cecelia aka 'CC'

What is there to say about CC?! She joined the family in November 2014 as Jeffrey's pony. She is a character, to say the least, but we love her. CC has been a great lesson pony for Jeffrey and soon to be for Anders. At an impressive 36 inches, CC somehow holds the rank of herd-boss. Her sass and charisma surely put her in that position. 

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