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A Winter Wonderland

The last few days we've been living inside of a winter wonderland. Since Thursday I'd say we've had 30+ inches of snowfall at the homestead and we were still shoveling ourselves out today after another 6-8 inches that came this morning. But, I can't complain about the scenery.

winter on the Timm Homestead

I love a good snow storm and even more so when it brings more snow than storm and I don't have to drive in it. The kids are happy just to have their sledding hills open for business and I ventured up into the garage attic to bust out my cross-country skis.

December 31. You might think that we should have plenty of snow on the ground, but not so. We've had sub-zero temps, we've had gale-force winds, we've had freezing rain - you get the picture. But what we haven't had is much of the white fluffy stuff.

Just last week Jeffrey was asking if we could take the snow-machine out for a spin because after all, that dusting that peppered the fields was plenty to ride in. Well, now we've got plenty to go around!

We've got snow, I have a few days off and we're taking full advantage of it. If you can, get outside and enjoy the great outdoors!

#snowstorm #winterwonderland

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